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Healthcare - Development

Video to support... Community Outreach, Fundraising, Special Events, Donor Recognition

Healthcare development and philanthropy professionals face unique challenges, and we understand the commitment your organization has to your benefactors and community. Our unique, proven process will enable you to build and maintain your valuable benefactor relationships, by using motion picture and sound that connects people and ideas on a powerful emotional level.

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Our Process

Step 1

Discovery. We like to dig right in and get all the facts. What is the ideal outcome? Who needs to be involved? How will the piece be used? These are just a few questions we will ask in an initial discovery session. We will take all this data and come back with a custom production plan with recommendations and create ideas. Once a budget and timeline is established we can move to the next step.


Step 2

Production. We like to work closely with our clients but understand their time is valuable. In situations where our clients are swamped with other things we tell them, “relax, we got this.” Our team handles all the scheduling, logistics, prep and everything that goes into a successful video and photo shoot. We will take care of all the crew positions needed, and work with the on-cam talent to fulfill a success shooting process. We understand being on camera can be nerve-wracking and we do an excellent job to make people feel comfortable and open for a natural authentic delivery.


Step 3

Post. Once we collect all the media we get to work putting it all together. This step includes editing the footage into rough cuts, creating graphics, and working with sound to provide our clients with approvals they can react to and supply notes. We will go through a collaborative revision process until everyone is happy with the content. This is when we lock the cut and go into final color grading, effects, and sound mixing to make the final piece polished and deployment ready. We will work with the client’s technically people, event projectionists, and web masters to provide deliverable files in the appropriate format for a smooth presentation.



"The videos you did for us were amazing last week! I think you really captured each of the honorees."

Vice President, Development

Donor Relations & Communications

Institutional Relations & Development

"Incredible videos! You really captured each family so wonderfully!"

Donor Outreach Specialist

Institutional Relations & Development

"Yet again you did such a wonderful job and I really enjoyed working with you!"


"Great work, as always! Nice job on getting these stories to flow together seamlessly. Everything looks beautiful as always."

Senior Producer & Manager of Multimedia Production

"WOW... You Did AWESOME!!! It is the coolest, most informative 12 minutes EVER! Thank You, Thank you, Thank you. I really do LOVE it!  You really Nailed it."


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