“What Garage brings to the table is amazing. They add so many creative layers that just astound me.”

– Charles Moore

   Feature Film Director

Garage Creative Studios is a media production company.   Our expertise in film, video and audio production will help enable you and your brand to project a powerful, vibrant message.  

Garage's team of producers, writers, musicians, cinematographers, and post-production experts deliver fresh ideas to anything that has a screen or a speaker.  We are a hands-on and multi-disciplinary group, and we follow every project from concept to delivery.  Our office could be seat 5A at 30,000 feet over the Amazon, or wandering the trails in our forest behind the studio, soaking in nature and high-speed wifi.  


That's right.  Our forest has awesome wifi.

Garage has evolved over the past 20 years or so, but one thing will never change:  We will always work our asses off to make our clients happy.

Garage Creative Back Yard Forest Deer
Recording Studio Drummer
Garage Creative Studios Front Door

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